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Washmaster Juice Material Safety Sheet

Washmaster Juice®

Drywall Cleanup Accessory

Looking for how to clean your drywall tools? We think this is the best, easiest, and overall simplist way to clean your tools.

Washmaster Juice is for use with Mudmaster's Washmaster® wash stations. It provides an environmentally safe way to clean drywall tools. It causes the drywall mud to quickly settle out of the cleanup water. This allows the water to do way more cleaning before needing to be replaced. Significantly reducing the water needed for wash up.

Separated mud can be reused, added back into the drywall mixer. Thus significantly reducing the amount of drywall mud wasted.

Washmaster Juice® has no known effect on drywall mud. It is safe to reclaim the drywall mud, let the mud and water separate, pour off the excess water, and add the mud back into the mixer.

12 oz Bottle or Case Price: Call 683

Instructions for use

Use 12oz (355ml) with 15 gallons (57 liters) of water.


Washmaster Juice Material Safety Data Sheet

Washmaster Juice Material Data Safety Sheet

This document is provided as a PDF file. Click to open it. Once open you may print or download a copy.

A free PDF reader is available from Adobe (US English version.)

Disclaimer: In our testing, when used as directed, Washmaster Juice has shown no adverse effects on drywall mud or paint used over drywall mud reclaimed from Washmaster cleaning. However, not every brand of mud and every brand and type of paint available in the world has been tested. Mudmaster, Inc. takes no liability and expresses no warranty nor implies any warranty for drywall mud or paints being compatible.

We use reasonable care and quality control in the manufacture of Washmaster Juice.