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Mudmaster Inc., is primarily a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of The De Wall Mudmaster machines.

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Drywall Products Currently Available


Mudmaster Washmaster®
Tool Washing Station

Mudmaster Washmaster I®

Designed for use with Washmaster Juice® (see below).

The Washmaster is a drywall tool washing staion cleaning system. It is easily transportable, saves time, labor, water, and drywall mud.

The magic in this system is the Washmaster Juice that separates water and drywall mud in seconds. (See the Washmaster page for details).

Status: Available now

Price: Call for price or local dealer.


  1. Fill the tank with 15 gal fresh water.
  2. Add Washmaster Juice - 1 bottle (12oz) = one Washmaster fill.
  3. Place the intake screen on the hook with the screen 2-4” under water.
  4. Plug into 110 electric outlet. Turn switch on.
  5. Pull the trigger on the water pistol to wash tools.
  6. Wash tools until mud and debris is 10-12” deep in the bottom of the tank.
  7. Place a clean bucket next to the washer.
  8. Spray water into the bucket while removing the intake hose from the hook.
  9. Continue to spray water into the clean bucket. Slowly moving the screened intake hose in a circular motion, lowering the screen, stirring into the settled mud (this pumps the mud into the bucket). While continuously spraying, raise the screen back to the hook. Continue spraying 5 seconds to clear the system.
  10. After the mud has settled in the bucket, pour the clear water back into the tank. Reuse the mud to mix.
  11. Drain the debris from the valve at the bottom of the tank into an empty box and bag to discard.
  12. When water ceases to clear or once daily, drain the tank and recharge with fresh water and Washmaster Juice. You can use the drained water for other related uses (washing and mixing).

Manual: Washmaster PDF


Washmaster II - Two man drywall wash station

This two man wash station solves most of the problems with other wash stations. It provides excellent support for those using hot mud. The Washmaster Juice reduces mold problems. Conserves water. Easily cleaned.

We think this is the best drywall tool washing station available.


Washmaster Juice
Washmaster Juice®

Mudmaster's Washmaster Juice®

Drywall Cleanup Accessory

This product is for use with the Mudmaster Washmaster®. It provides an environmentally safe way to clean up drywall tools. It forces the drywall mud to settle out of the cleanup water. This allows the water to be reused. Significantly reducing the water needed for wash up.

Separated mud can be reused. Thus reducing the amount of mud wasted.

Status: Available now

12oz Bottle Price: Call for price or a local dealer

Instructions for use

  1. Use 12oz (355ml) with 15 gallons (57 liters) of water.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Washmaster Juice Material Safety Data Sheet


This document is provided as a PDF file. Click it to open it. Once open you may print or save a copy.

You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader (free) to open this file.

You may download the free reader here: READER

Disclaimer: In our testing, when used as directed, Washmaster Juice has shown no adverse effects on drywall mud or paint used over drywall mud reclaimed from Washmaster cleaning. However, not every brand of mud and every brand and type of paint available in the world has been tested. Mudmaster, Inc. takes no liability and expresses no warrantee nor implies any warrantee for drywall mud or paints being compatible.

We use reasonable care and quality control in the manufacture of Washmaster Juice.


Drywall Attachment - Stilt Master

Stilt Master

Stilt Master

Mudmaster Accessory - Drywall Tools

Shown left is is the filler extension for use when wearing stilts. The dry wall accessory saves dismounting stilts to reload drywall tools.

The gray device at the top left, with a yellow cord, is the control that activates the pump for loading. It is the Remote Control and comes with the Mudmaster, so it is NOT an additional purchase. This is the same remote that is used to fill auto-tapers.

No stooping... No precarious balancing with bending over...

Save time and your back.

Status: Available now

Price: Call for MSRP or a local dealer.


Auto-Taper Winder
Auto-Taper Winder

Auto-taper Winder

Drywall Accessory

This little device fits most portable, variable speed drills. Use it to empty an auto-taper.

Saves loads of time and work.

Status: Available now

Price: Call for price or local dealer.

Instructions for use

  1. Insert the De Wall Mudmaster Auto-Taper Winder in an adjustable torque drill or screw driver.
  2. Adjust the torque/clutch to its minimum setting.
  3. Increase the torque/clutch setting SLOWLY until the Winder turns. Use the lowest setting possible.
  4. Reduce speed when the auto-taper is near empty.
  5. Use care to prevent cable damage.


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