Washmaster Line of Drywall Tool Cleaners

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Washmaster I, II, Pro


New Washmaster Pro

Our newest washing station.

Ideal for everything from large fast moving commercial projects to small one man remodels.

Drywall tool Cleaning

For ease of cleaning and simple EPA compliance, these three machines designed by a career drywall professional are an excellent choice. Water and drywall mud can be recycled, saving both and reducing waste in need of disposal.

The Washmaster Pro is our newest machine. Designed to be easily moved to and from jobs by one man and rugged enough for commercial projects.

The Washmaster I is the first machine we designed and marketed. It is still a popular choice and tested over time on many projects. As we learned more about how people use and abuse these machines we have toughened them. All our products use our latest technology.

The Washmaster II is designed for larger projects, drywall crews, and for cleaning tools used with hot mud. Larger and heavier than our other Washmasters it can still be easily moved from place to place on a job site.

Washmaster Juice®

Washmaster Juice is the key to Washmaster's incredible cleaning ability. the Juice is a chemical formula designed and tested to drop drywall mud particles to the bottom of the tank. It acts in just a couple of minutes. This assures you clean water for washing drywall tools.

What our videos showing how quickly drywall mud dissolved in water separates and drops to the bottom of the tank.

Washmaster Juice is safe. We have an EPA ??? Sheet here. The Washmaster Juice has no more effect on drywall mud than plain water. The drywall mud reclaimed using Washmaster's wash stations and Washmaster Juice can be reclaimed and used for more tapping.

Reclaiming drywall mud washed from tools means there is way less material in need of disposal at the end of the day. Reclaiming and reusing drywall mud mean you need less drywall mud for your jobs.