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Washmaster Pro®

Washmaster Pro - Our smallest drywall wash station

Washmaster II®

Washmaster II - Two man drywall wash station


Washmaster I®

Washmaster I - One man, portable drywall wash station

MudMaster - Drywall Mixer

The De Wall Mudmaster

Mudmaster Drywall Mixer

The De Wall Mudmaster is 'One of Kind.'

Designed by a skilled craftsman with years of experience in drywall construction.


Take the work out of mixing mud.

Mixes by slowly folding the mud without aerating. Drywall mud is near perfect every time.

Cuts labor costs. The De Wall Mudmaster does the mixing while you keep working.

The De Wall Mudmaster has a covered tank, no messy splashing while mixing and no dirty buckets to clean. The covered tank prevents the mud from drying out. Daily cleanup is eliminated; mud can stay in the tank for long periods of time without drying up.

The De Wall Mudmaster mixer avoids the back and shoulder problems associated with mixing mud with a drill or stomper, hauling mud buckets and manual pumping. Mixing and pumping mud is hard work. To apply 20, (500 foot) rolls of tape, 1000 strokes of a manual pump are required and about 20 boxes of mud have to be mixed. The Mudmaster drywall mixer eliminates that time consuming labor. It can also reduce the likelihood of repetitive action/strain injuries from mixing tasks.

The De Wall Mudmaster mixer makes work more pleasant by eliminating boring, labor intense, repetitive tasks. Add the Washmaster for even more labor savings and faster, easier drywall clean up.

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MudMaster One of a Kind

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The Washmaster is a labor saving environmentally friendly tool.

It's purpose is to clean drywall tools, reclaim drywall mud, clean and reuse wash water.

It is environmentally friendly because it avoids wasting drywall mud.

It saves labor because it saves taking tools to a wash area or carrying water to a work area. Plus it avoids dirty water disposal problems.

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Mudmaster attachment

Filling tools with the The De Wall Mudmaster (TDM)

The De Wall Mudmaster fills a bazooka with or without the remote control in about 12 seconds. The remote control automatically stops the flow of mud when bazooka is full.

When The De Wall Mudmaster is filling the tools, the mixer automatically runs. This keeps the mud mixed and flowing to the pump. The De Wall Mudmaster fills boxes and angle tools with the turn of a dial. No manual pumping required.

Mudmaster tool fillingFast, easy and clean. Great for constructions sites with environmental concerns.

Mudmaster Drywall Sprayer





The De Wall Mudmaster sprays textures evenly with precise speed controls

The De Wall Mudmaster is turned off and on at the gun. No need for another spray rig, The De Wall Mudmaster is already on the job site to mix mud and fill tools. Whether hand texturing or spraying The De Wall Mudmaster does it all with one unit.


The De Wall Mudmaster is light weight, weighing 110 pounds. The large airless tires and perfect balance make The De Wall Mudmaster highly portable. One man can easily load The De Wall Mudmaster onto its carrier.

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